Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heat Wave in Kentucky

This heat is crazy... but you know, honestly it hasn't FELT oppressive outside to me yet this year.  The humidity is only 37% here in Lawrenceburg at the time of this writing, yielding a heat index a degree cooler than the ambient air temp.  So...not bad.

We've all heard the headlines... HEAT WAVE COMING.  Here's my take..  it IS going to be hot during the last half of this week and going into the weekend, however, it's not going to be nearly as bad as what we've seen during late summer in the past two years.  I'd like to remind you...we've seen heat index readings in the 120s (not a typo) during the last two summers.  That is literally life threatening weather.  By contrast, current computer model forecasts are only taking us into the 100-103 degree range later this week.  So, this isn't some heat wave of epic proportions.  It'll be hot...but nothing strange.  The only strange thing about it is that it's occurring at the end of  June instead of the end of July.

In addition to that, the computer models have been over-estimating temps. lately.  We've seen afternoon highs cooler than what they are predicting.  I wouldn't be surprised in the Lexington/Frankfort/Lawrenceburg area doesn't reach 100 degrees at all this week.

The source region for this airmass is the desert southwest, so it will be very bearable outside the rest of this week.  Just remember as always to drink plenty of water and wear a hat to keep the sun off your head.  Long sleeved shirts that are made of a breathable material will keep your body cooler than a t-shirt.  The people I feel really bad for are the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers who will be taking the track Saturday night right here in Kentucky.  It gets REALLY hot inside those race cars on a normal day...toss in a 101 degree heat index outside and those guys and girl (if Danica races) will be sweating at a dangerous rate.  I'm sure they will hydrate really well before the race.  They are also in excellent physical condition...contrary to what the people who say they are not athletes believe.  :)

The next good shot at rain comes early next week...and it's not a sure bet.  So we need to start earnestly praying for rain now.  We are still in "abnormally dry" conditions in the Bluegrass and I expect an upgrade to D1 drought status soon, possibly as early as tomorrow.  Folks...  it's not looking good right now.  Not just for agriculture, but also for drinking water supplies.

Take care and enjoy this weather.  Remember, before you know it we'll be complaining about ice and snow.


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